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Embark on a transformative journey with Vullyn Coatings! Whether it’s your dream “Man-Cave Basement” or a custom garage floor showcasing your vehicle, we have the ideal solution. From industrial to residential applications, our epoxy and resin coatings offer endless possibilities. Providing a long-lasting solution with modern appeal, these coatings require minimal upkeep and are backed by a 10-year warranty. Expect durability beyond the warranty period, ensuring a hassle-free, enduring enhancement for your spaces. Elevate your surroundings with Vullyn Coatings-where vision meets resilience.


Garages | Basements | Floorings | Parging Applications & Replacement

Residential Applications are a great choice for either showcasing a space in the home or providing a durable and lasting membrane for the exterior that modernizes the curb appeal to bring the latest in home finishings to you. Whether it’s for artistic allure or a simple coat to stop the paint from peeling up in your concrete basement consider an epoxy or polyaspartic coating to provide lasting durability and a softened feel.

All residential floorings, including those in kitchens and bathrooms, are viable options for epoxy coatings. With the decorative appeal of metallic and artistic color finishes, you can transform any space into a work of art. For many homeowners, applying epoxy coatings to areas such as basements or living spaces elevates the overall aesthetic and provides a long and lasting finish.


Garages, typically overlooked as people spend little time in them, are often hindered by their industry standard raw concrete surfaces. This makes them less inviting and limits their potential uses. Consider the application of flake epoxy to bring warmth and prestige to this often neglected part of your home. Transform your garage into a multiuse space, unlocking its full potential and creating a welcoming environment.


Outside your home epoxy is a great choice for updating the curb appeal of a home, providing a durable and lasting solution for parging which has not changed in decades and leaves a cracking and brittle membrane to be applied several times during the lifetime of a home. Consider asking us about one of the several vertical coatings that homebuilders are switching to. Crushed Quartz is also a great application for steps and platforms to transform dry and dull concrete areas into textured stone. This application elevates the aesthetics and provides a moisture resistant membrane to help prevent deterioration while increasing curb appeal for those looking to list their home.


Promotional Uses & Showrooms | Work Bay’s

Are you in the business of having to service clients who are focused on the high quality finishings you offer? Epoxy and Polyaspartic coatings may be the right choice for you when it comes to your meeting space with clients. Let our coatings help create the look and feel you for your clients letting them know you are paying attention to the details down to the floor they are standing on.


Consider asking about our affiliate programs as well when it comes to getting your work bay coated. It’s always beneficial to think of easy clean up, presentation, and utility when considering whether an epoxy coating is right for your shop. With the shine on the floor, the client’s automobile or your finished products can be presented and moved on and off the surface for an easy, clean, and great turnover.


Warehousing Solutions | Exterior Solutions

With a long life product offered by Vullyn Coatings, it’s realistic to assume a 10 year life on industrial applications for Epoxy and Polyaspartic coatings. This is the reason why companies are making the switch to these types of coatings. Consider a very cost-effective flooring option for your next fit up or industrial warehousing project to provide grip, durability, and utility to your space.

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