At Vullyn we have an extensive list of services and divisions which 
we have broken down to our four main categories to help better serve you.
This is what makes us different, ever adapting for the future.


General Contracting

New build or existing to be renovated

This service touches on 3 of our divisions, construction, renovations and small projects.  No matter how large or small, either our in-house team or pool of most trusted partners are our keys for success to any project.  Our expertise in contracting will help us manage in the various construction models to ensure peace of mind for all parties involved.  We offer a tailored service that can help in constructing your custom home, rental property and or addition.  Our renovation projects will range from kitchens, bathrooms, finished basements, decks and sheds to legal secondary dwelling units for a custom renovation. Our small projects division are tuned for the small framing, drywall install/repair, painting and tile projects or as a as needed basis.  The small projects division can also be available for rental properties, quick refreshers and or repairs before the next tenant moves in.

Project Management

Professional Expertise behind the scenes

Boots on the ground not necessary? no problem.  We have systems put in place for this as well.  Rather than working for you, we look at working with you.  This is where we implement our resources and expertise to represent your best interests.  Through the planning stage we will take your ideas and translate them into drawings, all the way to being permit ready.  From there, our budgeting,competitive tendering, contract initiation and scheduling will take us to the execution stage.  This is where we manage all the necessary disciplines on and off site to ensure all the details have been captured and not to mention quality. Once our quality standards has been met, we initiate the close out phase.  In the close out phase we ensure all the necessary warranty information and any information on maintenance has been briefed and documented for your peace of mind


Planning Smarter not harder

Where we can help you plan for the future, based on your needs.  Our consultations will help your ideas turn into reality where we look into constructability, planning and budgeting.  We have a wide range of reports to help you even if you are planning to buy and or sell a property.  Let us represent you.


United we stand stronger

We look at our local competitors as colleagues, we are here to help not only our clients but our colleagues as well.  Together we stand strong to help serve our local communities.  We have teamed up on many projects in the Ottawa region and look forward to more.  Collaborators are welcome.

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